Bullfrog Spas - M6


  • Cinder/Solitude
  • Cinder/Stone
  • Whitewash/Solitude
  • Whitewash/Stone
  • Orchard/Solitude
  • Orchard/Oxidium
  • Timber/Solitude
  • Timber/Oxidium

Bullfrog Spas - M6

Take a deep breath and unwind in this premium-level, space-saving spa. You’ll treasure the experience of your four custom-chosen JetPaks, which are backed up by two therapy pumps—offering the ultimate in powerful therapy. This luxury spa is fitted with a multi-function auxiliary control and includes more seating and premium features than any space-saving spa on the market. The compact M6 is here to pack a punch by fulfilling the Bullfrog Spas peaceful promise in a small amount of space, offering a supreme spa experience.

Seating Capacity 7
Water Capacity 387 Gallons (1464 Liters)
Dimensions 7’-7” x 6’-6” x 34”
Weight 800 lbs (363 kg)

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Audio System

Hot Tub Cover Lifter



Pergola / Gazebo


Water Care Subscription Program


Additional Specifications

Dry Weight 800 lbs/363 kg
Filled Weight 5053 lbs/2292 kg
Therapy Pumps 2